PINK for passion-- a strong commitment to yourself, your goals, and the vision of a better world you are attempting to realize.

ORANGE for community-- that wretched hive of scum and villainy that you support and are supported by when the going gets tough, and celebrate with when your plans come to fruition.

GREEN for wisdom-- the skills you proudly use to further your own devious ends, whether they're technical, artistic, social, spiritual or political. Everyone has something to contribute.

PURPLE for queer history-- those who came before us and paved the way through activism, civil unrest and sheer tenacity. For all our bluster, we are only so tall because we stand on the shoulders of giants.

BLACK for evil, pure EVIL-- Chaos and rebellion against an oppressive status quo. A conscious resistance to society's dismally narrow margins of error. An affection for the imperfect, the deviant, the shamelessly outré. The confidence to let us live fiercely, laugh maniacally, and love dangerously.


A group that welcomes or tolerates racists, sexists, homophobes, transphobes, nazis, TERFs, SWERFs, classists, billionaires, cops, or any other cocktail of bigotry, predation and greed currently oppressing queer folks anywhere in the world. These ruling-class slimeballs and their ketchup-brained underlings are the reason why we fight.

A place for people who are straight and cis. Really can't emphasize this one enough. I don't care how nefarious or well-intentioned you are, you also need to be LGBTQIA+ in some way or another.

Beholden to any existing intellectual properties, especially those owned by gargantuan entertainment industry monopolies. We encourage creativity and individuality over rank-and-file fandom devotion.

Pro-gun. Firearms just don't feel very imaginative, y'know? We're looking for supervillains, not jangly-nerved desperadoes who want to prove they're tough by flexing a finger.

A rhetoric for those privileged by society through race, wealth or class to use as a self-serving excuse for flaunting said privilege. No, we're not impressed that you know how to torrent movies or shoplift makeup. Make mayhem that actually makes a difference.


An activism thing, except for when it isn't.

A freaky sex thing, except for when it isn't.

An avenue for personal self-actualization through identity experimentation, except for when it isn't.

A manifestation of the slogan "be gay, do crimes".

A coalition of people who grew up seeing queer-coded villains in media and were like "fuck it, big mood".

A hopeless but fun attempt at community-building through campy theatricality in our nightmarish modern times.

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha, etc.


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